DJ / Producer

For the young DJ and producer it is all about deep, infectious dance grooves breaming with deviant energy and fun. Widely recognized for his exceptional mixing skills, Marcce started mixing at the age of 18; self-taught and perfected his mixing style through consistent practice. Today, he is a uprising name in the DJ world in the genres of Future House and Bass House.

Marcce has rocked several big events including the World Club Dome in Frankfurt and the Easterrave in Oberhausen, Arrogance Music Factory, Golden Beach, Bulgaria amongst others. Marcce serves as a resident DJ at one of the biggest internet radios in Europe – However, he provides multiple shows like ‘Visions’ and ‘Back To the future’ at the house-stream.

The Future starts now!

– marcce


His involved DJing style, explosive beat mixing, groovy and bass heavy, exclusively his uplifting, futuristic, energetic sets stand’s him out from the crowd. Combining both professionalism and creativity, Marcce makes every event a remarkable and fun-filled one. Whether as a DJ or producer, working collaboratively or on an individual project, you will always get the Marcce seal of approval. As a DJ, his passion and ultimate purpose in life are to make music as infectious as possible.